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IN-home personal training

With so many fitness trainers out there to choose from, it’s hard to make the right choice as to whom to choose and who would work best with you. As fitness trainers, we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge, professionalism, honesty, and concern for your needs. We have helped many people over the years achieve their fitness goals; whether you want to lose or gain weight, build muscle or get toned, we can create a program that’s right for you.


Coach Fit Life offers one-on-one personal training sessions wherever you may be including:

In home training or at your apartment gym.

In the office, if it seems you can never get away… we will come to you.


You're local gym if you have permission to bring a guest.


Our personal training sessions are in-depth and personalized to your needs. Whatever struggles you may have had in the past, we can help you overcome them because you deserve special attention from our fitness coaches. Our fitness coaches can help motivate you and keep you focused on your goal(s), whatever they may be. We can help you reach your goals more effectively because we come to you, and workout with you, wherever you may be.


Our fitness programs are powered by our Coach Fit Life Platform. Within it, you will be connected to not only a great trainer, but you will have additional resources to help you on your fitness journey. With our Membership options, you will receive the following:


•   Fitness evaluation


•   Nutrition plan


•   Comprehensive fitness plan


•   Creative workout regimen incorporating exercises you like


•   Workout plans to help you work out on your own

Currently offering in-home personal training in Richmond, Virginia and surrounding areas

For Questions and Pricing Contact Us Here.

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