3 Steps to Help You Get Back in the Game

Get back into the game.

Many times in life we find ourselves unable to move towards the things we want to do the most whether that be a new career, a business idea you would like to pursue, or in this case a fitness goal you would like to achieve. Becoming fit or getting fit again can be just as challenging as anything in life worth having. Some times the thought of all the work you will have to do coupled by the way you may currently feel if its bad, stress, and just the busyness of life can keep you from going after what you want the most. I’m here to tell you today that you can overcome all of that and get on track to be the person you want to be and its nothing wrong with that. Here are three simple things you can do to get back in the game of getting fit.

1. Get Up and Go For a Walk

I know this is simple and your thinking that’s it? but let me explain. The beginning of anything you want in life begins with you deciding what you want to do and then getting up to do so. The most easiest way to get started getting fit is to just get up and the most common easiest ways to exercise is to go for a walk but it doesn't end there. You see going for a walk can do so much for your mental and emotional well being. When I go walking I use the time to meditate about my life. It helps me to put things in proper order. It helps me to clear my mind and make clear the goals I want to achieve and the playbook around those things. It also helps me to commune with God and brings peace to my spirit. If I put on some head phones and play some hip hop it amps me up and I get excited about the new journey and seeing myself how I want to see me.

2. Be Determined

Getting fit, or trying to lose weight is difficult huh? Don't give up be determined finish what you started. So often we get going when the going gets tuff. You have to purpose in your mind that this time it will be different. This time what ever you set your mind to you will achieve. “Nothing and nobody can stop you now” this is a mantra that you can use to motivate yourself to continue when you just don't feel like going on. Don't get down on yourself if you fall short a day or two that only means your human, let it go and get back on track pressing towards the mark.

3. Make it fun

The people you see working out all the time multiple times a day it’s hard to comprehend why they work out so much? I can tell you that they have turned getting fit into a hobby. Fitness can be fun. Find a set of exercises, a style of training and/or an activity that’s fun to you and focus on having fun. If you look at working out as work then your set to fail, but if you change your mindset and can say hey I like working out then your set. When you can look forward to having that beach body you always wanted and can enjoy the process to get it then you have already won!

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