Is alternate-day fasting more effective for weight loss?

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According to the scientific study by Jama Network journals (Link below for full study) alternate-day fasting is not significantly more effective than calorie restriction. This is important because in our quest to lose weight we are often looking for short cuts to lose the weight faster. This study goes to show that thought it can be effective it still takes discipline, patience, and consistency to lose the weight.

Remember to enjoy the journey because in remembering the journey you will keep the weight off by keeping those habits formed throughout. It’s not about gimmick diets, but lifestyle choice. All types of great tasting foods will be put before you. You have to remember to eat well, and exercise to maintain your health. Though calorie restriction isn't the be all end all of weight loss, it’s always good to keep a food journal track what you’re eating on a day a to day basis to hold yourself accountable to the commitment you pledged to keep to yourself.

Scientific Study Source

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