The Weight Loss Journal - Did You Have A Set Back? Don't Sweat It, Get Back To It!

Weight Loss Success

Do you know what’s funny about life? We make just as many mistakes as we do things right. Some of us make more mistakes than doing the right thing. What defines us is not our successes, but rather our resolve to fulfill our dreams and goals. Up’s and down’s are a part of the journey. Let me ask you this, when you go to the movies do you just go to see the ending? Or, do you go to enjoy the experience? Everyone likes a good ending but not every ending is a happy one. Is a movie judged solely on its ending? Or, the captivating story, characters, plot twist, cinematography, all of which makes a great movie. Success for you will come when you focus on the journey and not the end goal.

I know the journey to weight loss and fitness success is a difficult one. And from time to time the struggle gets me down. I have to remember that there is beauty in the struggle and not only do I have to embrace it but I must also enjoy it. I suggest you do the same.

Here are some tips to help you get back on track.

1. Whenever you have a setback, or success doesn’t come as fast as you think it should, don’t put your head down, keep pressing forward you are about to break through you just don’t know it yet. Whenever you make a mistake forget about it and forgive yourself you’re only human.

2. With your fitness plan, evaluate and adjust it on a monthly basis if you haven’t seen the results you wanted to see. Hold yourself accountable and adjust the plan based on what you have done not what you set out to do. Be real with yourself and be the change you want to see.

3. So you’ll lost some pounds huh? That’s awesome, but that can set you back as well. Act like you didn’t lose any weight and work harder. You didn’t accomplish anything until you’re reached your ultimate goal.

4. And finally, always stay up to date with all that coach fit life is doing. Share the info. If you ever need help from a personal trainer to enhance your regimen give us a shout. Were here to help you succeed.

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