Better Butt Tips

Here’s a question every trainer receives on a regular basis: “How do I get a better butt?” The media is filled with answers, but sadly most of them claim you can get a “toned tush” with only two weeks of leg raises, or “chiseled cheeks” by completing a simple 30-day squat challenge, or a “fabulous fanny” by popping a weight-loss pill. Truly changing one’s body, however, requires hard work, dedication and some heavy lifting. Most people define “toning” as adding a bit of muscle and losing body fat. To achieve this, you must lift a challenging level of resistance while monitoring your energy balance—calories in vs. calories out.

Entering “Beast Mode” for a Better Butt

Complete three sets of eight to 10 repetitions of each of the following exercises while using a weight that brings you close to failure. Before adding a significant amount of weight, make sure you have mastered proper form and alignment (an ACE Certified Professional can help you with this).

1. Barbell Squats

With the amount of hip flexion and extension involved, the glutes are the driving force for this popular lower-body exercise. To ensure maximum glute involvement, try dropping the hips past parallel if this is comfortable and safe for you.

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