Best Ranking Diet - Keto Last, Dash First.

Recently, i've seen many ads suggesting that the best diet for weight loss is the Keto diet. While many people may see results in the beginning, it is not a practical diet to maintain and it's not a healthy diet.

For my clients, i've often recommended a diet similar to the dash diet which is a diet mostly comprised of foods that's low in salt and fat. basically, it's a diet that is more plant based with a limited amount of animal products. Many people have changed their unhealthy lifestyles and have adopted the dash diet which is often recommended by doctors as a way to control high blood pressure and diabetes. Outside of becoming a vegan, I agree that the dash diet is one of the best diets to go on not only for weight loss but for your overall well being period.

Check here the link below for more details on the best ranking diets of 2018.

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