9 Factors That Can Determine How Fast or Slow You Lose Weight!

So you have been trying to lose weight, but still find it difficult to actually do so? You should first consider the following 9 factors before starting your weight lose plan.

1. Your current weight.

2. Your lifestyle.

3. How far you are into your weight-loss journey.

4. Your hormonal health.

5. Your workout of choice.

6. Your genetics.

7. Your sleep habits.

8. Your age.

9. Your weight-loss history.

These are the most important factors when determining how fast or slow you can lose weight. Many people believe that if they just work out they will lose weight without considering there starting point. While weight loss can be difficult, it can also be enjoyable and life altering. Each of these factors you should know about yourself. if you don't know then take the time to consider each factor and what role they play in your life. Once you know that then you can develop a fitness and nutrition plan to help you move forward with your weight loss goals.

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