The Weight Loss Journal - It’s All About Passion!


So, by now you’re probably checking your weight loss status. How much you have loss hopefully you haven’t gained type mentality. And you’re probably thinking that if I just focus on not eating this, or maybe I should try this workout may not be the answer solely. To lose weight is like preparing for and competing in a football game. It takes time to come up with a game plan, then practice to get the plays down and kind of figure out what works for you and what doesn’t, and then game day. In the game, you try everything you came up with and the plays that your team practiced. Early on you have success but as the game goes along you begin to lose your edge and eventually you lose the game. Afterwards, you’re wondering what could I have done better to win the game. The one thing you didn’t prepare for, or brought to the game was passion. You need passion to win the game. The art of wanting to win more than the other team. You must bring that passion to weight loss.

Dream Chasers Succeed

Dream chasers will chase their dreams until they succeed. You must become a dream chaser not just have a dream. Weight loss for some is a very unobtainable goal, but it doesn’t have to be. The moment you get up and get started don’t give up until you have reached your goal. Start off slow and begin to develop your plan. To do that you must grow in knowledge.

A Passion to Learn

Growing in knowledge about weight loss goes a long way in achieving your goal but you must be passionate about it. Understanding your body type, your daily calorie intake, proper training technique, and more can help you achieve your goals faster. Online educational platforms like Coach Fit Life can provide plenty of advice to help you along the way. Once you know that you know and do what you do but are still coming up short, then passion is what you need to break through the next plateau.

It Takes Passion to Break through the Next Plateau

Plateau’s in weight loss happens for multiple reasons which I won’t list in this article, but to break through them you first must not let them get you down. You may have to make adjusts to your diet, or increase the intensity of your workouts, or give an intense effort for a long period of time. No matter what it takes you will have to push through. At this point you have achieved some success, you can’t stop now.

The people that are the most successful will often turn their most challenging obstacle to the driving force propelling them to greatness. If you can remember this and remember to never stop then you can be great as well. It takes a great effort to lose weight and you can give that great effort and become great.

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