Good Intentions Alone Cannot Overcome Bad Habits

Working out is Great for you

You read correctly, good intentions alone cannot overcome bad habits. We all have the best most sincere intentions to get in shape, lose weight, or get stronger and yet still manage to fall short of our goals. One reason we fall short is because we haven’t gotten rid of our bad habits. If we have good intentions we have to get into the habit of creating good habits that reverses our bad habits. Here are some good habits anyone can take on to realize your good intentions.

1. Hold yourself accountable everyday

If you don’t hold yourself accountable everyday your bad habits will continue. Habits are a part of your comfort zone, the only way to overcome a bad habit is to come out of that comfort zone. A practical way to do that is to charge yourself when you partake in a bad habit. It’s easy to pat yourself on the back when you do well, but it can be depressing when you can’t seem to get something right. Don’t think of accountability that way, but instead take on accountability as a challenge that you look forward to taking on every day. You are now a professional fighter that trains daily resisting many pleasures to be ready to defeat a worthy opponent, so everything you do matters.

2. Eating the right way at the right times

As the old saying goes “You cannot out work a bad diet”. Educate yourself first, and take on a diet that promote optimal health, and not one that is just created for weight loss, or weight gain. I’m pretty sure that your diet was not a good one before, and most Americans diets are not good nutritional wise. A diet that promotes optimal health is one that gives you all the calories you need for your body type and age. It provides all the macro, and micronutrients you need on a daily basis without the need for supplementation, and just the right amount of protein for muscle building without adding unnecessary bulking or bloating that comes with excessive protein intake. Eating at the right time is also very important. You do not want to eat a full meal right before bedtime. Sometimes fasting in the morning is good as well. Checking with a dietician is a great first step. We also offer nutrition plans at an affordable price to help you on your path you great health.

3. Follow your workout regimen

I know you’re tired and you need a day off, take your day off according to your fitness plan not when you feel like it. Because, one day becomes two and so on and so forth and the next thing you know you’re not working out anymore. Keep up the hard work, it will pay off soon enough. Don’t live with regrets, life sucks when you do. Stay on it when you have time dedicated to working out, and rest when it’s time too. Rest is important, and play is also important, but both comes after putting in the work.

There are plenty of other good habits you can take on, but for now focus on these. If you follow these habits you will overcome a slew of bad habits affecting your fitness goals. I know you can do it and here is the blueprint. For more detailed advice and fitness planning check out our coaching services. I’m sure we can create a workout and nutrition plan that works for you.

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