Top 5 Meal Planning Tips to Fuel Your Life

Gym? You’re golden. You know what your training plan looks like to help reach your fitness goals. But when it comes to meal time you’re reaching for the phone. Probably not to call your Mom to ask how she makes your favorite pasta sauce. Maybe to dial up your friend to meet at the local spot or more likely, you’re on the phone hitting “reorder” on your food delivery app, again.

While you wait 30 minutes for your dinner to arrive, count the number of times that app appears on your latest credit card bill. How does that compare to the number of grocery store transactions? If the scale is tipping to takeout, it may be time to start meal planning. Meal planning can be more cost effective, it can offer more nutrition (as easy as throwing in some extra veggies to your favorite dish) and can be more delicious. There’s nothing like having the right amount of spice on your baked beans. You can’t get that at a restaurant, you can only get that if you slow cook and season ‘em yourself.

Respect the grind and eat to fuel your life with my top five meal planning tips:

1. Use Your Phone

Swap the delivery app for a meal planning app like MealBoard, my personal recommendation. Include everything, your meals, snacks and workout fuel to get an overview of all the groceries you need and the foods you need to prep. The best part about this app is that you can scale recipes to the number of servings you want. Having a BBQ and want to know how many mushrooms you need for Veggie Kabobs? This app will break it down.


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