What Makes Being Fit Important to You?

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What makes being fit important to me is being there for my one year old daughter. This reason is the most important to me. I enjoy seeing my baby girl growing up and I want to be able to do things with her. She is a little ball of energy, so keeping up with her can be a challenge. I can imagine getting her ready for an event like a dance class and my fear is that I would be too fatigued to go and not enjoy it.

As I Get Older…

I look at my daughter and I think about the legacy I will leave for her, but my prayer to the lord is that I will be alive to see the next couple of generations after me. I think about longevity. I think about being able to experience things I was unable to when I was younger. And I want to experience those things with my wife and child.

You Cannot Enjoy Anything in Life Fully Without Good Health

If you don’t have your health the only other thing you have that you can enjoy is faith in Christ. It’s nothing like enjoying your life experiences in good health. Always feeling lethargic will rob you of your best life and being able to do the things you want to do. Good health can bring a certain level of contentment and happiness. Money is one thing, but if you had all the money in the world but didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning what would the money matter? And I know unfortunate things happen to all of us, but control what you can control. Do what you can today to improve your health and live well.

This list are just some reasons being Fit is important to me. I guess you will have to ask yourself the same.

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