How Low Energy Density Foods Can Impact your Weight Loss Efforts

Have you working out very hard in the gym, but just can’t seem to get the weight off? Maybe you will have to re-examine your diet. You maybe be doing everything right in terms of working out, eating less and keeping a food journal, but that has only gotten you so far as of yet. If this scenario is similar to your experience and you need a remedy, I may have a solution.

You Maybe Miss Counting Your Calories

Whether you are counting your own calories or you’re using a calorie counting system like Weight Watchers, It’s easy to under count the amount of calories you’re consuming on a day to day basis. Eating High Energy Density foods like meat, daily, sugary drinks and other processed foods can easy throw off your caloric count off by the hundreds. To restrict these foods from your diet many would consider this a diet, but I would you to consider this as a lifestyle change.

All Foods Are Not Made Equal

Various types of foods have a different impact on your health. Many High Energy Density Foods lack important micronutrients that activate various weight controlling processes in the body. Just eating whatever you want will prevent you from experiencing the weight loss you desire without making any changes. I’m not suggesting you eat less of these foods. I am suggesting that you substitute some of these foods for more Low Energy Density Foods like Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes and Tubers. Once you do so you will begin to see results and feel a change in your overall wellbeing.

Low Energy Density Foods

Low Energy Density Foods like Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes and Tubers can fulfill your appetite, but you will consume less calories why you do so. These foods will provide you with all the daily vitamins, minerals, and fiber your body needs to function at its best, and activate your metabolism to burn more fat. You may have to eat more of these foods to feel full, but it will make you full, and that feeling can last just as long as eating high energy density foods as your body adjust to your new food choices. Begin to incorporate these foods into your diet. Substitute those fries for a salad, or those eggs in the morning for an apple and you will begin to notice a change. Substitute that meat entrée for a meal that includes beans a healthy grain like quinoa and maybe a baked potato and not only will you be full, you will save yourself a lot of calories. You will also get a lot of fiber and micronutrients and a large amount of clean protein.

We Have the Science

Click the link below to check out the science behind this. This is a first step to your transformation as you look for ways to improve your diet and feel the way you should about yourself. Only you can control your actions, so take charge of your life and pursue those things which you know is right for you. Health is Wealth!

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