DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Disciple, Consistency, and Dedication works!

Weight loss Success

So what fitness or nutrition fad have you come across lately? Did someone suggest the Keto diet and has a friend who lost 50 plus pounds? Has anyone suggested lifting weights only and doing absolutely no cardio? If you encountered any of these questions or any other questions regarding health and fitness you’re not alone. There are plenty of fitness plans and meal plans to go on and most are based on what’s hot and popular in the media. Here is the truth from a fitness coach that wants the best for you.

Consistency + Disciple x Time = Results!

The equation above is proven for success not just in achieving your fitness goals, but in life period. You can apply this equation to just about anything and eventually you will succeed. Stop looking for a magic pill, or a magic routine to help you lose weight and gain muscle. Some things only come by being consistent and disciple over a long period of time.

Dedication Over Apathy

For most people, dedication to fitness goals are short lived. Once the results get harder and harder to obtain, dedication is swapped for apathy. To be successful, you must be dedicated to the mission you set forth for yourself. To be dedicated is to never stop pursuing your goal no matter what obstacles get in the way. Super charge your courageous spirit and be great.

No More Fads, Just Proven Guidance

I know it can be challenging choosing the right fitness plan or influencer when you need help the most. And, many have sound advice and plans to follow that will help you achieve your goals. But, most are only looking to sell you a product or service knowing more than likely it will not work for you. Everyone has their own set of circumstances and really need someone who can create something unique to them while following scientifically proven methods for weight loss, muscle building, toning, and overall wellness. Work with a coach who is more concern about your needs then making a quick buck.

If you decide to work on your own follow something that’s sound and makes sense. It makes no sense to eat a diet high in fat and cholesterol that will only make you sluggish and prolong the healing process. You don’t need to stay away from carbs that’s silly, you need to stay away from the wrong carbs and the same goes for protein and fat. You need to be consistently exercise building up your fitness level over time. You have to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goal.

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