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Seven years ago it took me almost a year to get into what I considered a good physical condition. Then I stopped working out, and gradually put on weight. Contributing factors (other than being lazy) were me taking up smoking (I've since quit), and moving to America (food for one, is the equivalent of a serving for two in England, you guys eat a lot.) I believe the reason it took me a year to get into shape all those years ago was due to me simply not doing it correctly. I was taking the long way up a mountain, so to speak. But within 3 months of working with FSR I have already surpassed my peak physical conditional from many years ago, because of the direction and advice from this company. In total, I have spent a year and 3 months of my life getting into shape - 1 year of doing it the wrong way, and 3 months of doing it right. Highly recommended.

Richard Lacey

I love working out with Craig! I am 58 y/o and HATE exercising. I've worked with coaches before that did not listen to my wants and needs but developed a "plan" based around what was popular or new. When I met Craig I told him what I wanted to do, what my goals were and what I would NOT do. He was okay with that. I've been working with him for a little over a month and can already see the difference. I am stronger and getting more toned! If you have thought about getting a trainer but haven't stop waiting and call Craig!"

Joann Everett - Via Thumbtack

Weight Loss Transformation

Kimberly Ligon

I would highly recommend Craig and FSR Fitness to anyone looking for a dependable trainer. In the last couple of months of working with Craig I've definitely seen a noticeable difference in muscle tone and increased strength. Have a mobile trainer is great for me because I am easily intimidated by the gym and all of the equipment. Craig is able to show me the proper form and technique so I am confident to master the machines and my workout when training solo. I would highly recommend his services to all levels of fitness and ability.

Anna K. - Via Thumbtack

Weight Loss & Muscle gain transformation

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